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Strabismus, which is often referred to as “cross eyed”,  is an eye condition that occurs when the muscles of the eyes are out of balance with one another, causing one eye to wander either inward, outward, upward or downward. The aim of the afflicted eye may stay constant or may shift as the condition progresses.

With normal vision, the eyes are aimed in the same direction and send two separate images of an object to the brain, essentially giving the brain two perspectives on the same view. The brain puts these images together to create one 3D image. This 3D image is what gives a person depth perception. But in patients with strabismus, the eyes are aimed at different points causing the brain to receive two completely different images that cannot be processed together. In order to cope, the brain may ignore one of the images, instead creating a 2D image. As a result, the person with strabismus loses their depth perception. Adults who develop strabismus may also experience double vision since their brains are already used to processing images from both eyes.

A person without depth perception will have difficulty driving a car, catching a ball or performing many jobs. And while depth perception is not necessary for a successful life, people with depth perception experience enhanced quality of life. Patients who suffer from strabismus can and should seek treatment to ensure the greatest use of their eyes, no matter their age.

Strabismus should be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist. In families with a history of strabismus, children should be tested as early as age 3. Infants may appear to be cross-eyed but true strabismus can be verified through a proper eye exam.

Eye Surgery for Strabismus Treatment in Edmonton

Strabismus is very common, especially in children, and there are a number of treatments that can be used to strengthen the muscles of the weaker eye and to realign vision. The treatments may involve patching the eye or wearing special glasses that blur the stronger eye, allowing the weaker eye to work harder and gain strength. Eye surgery is also an option for treating strabismus both in children and in adults. Surgery can provide both functional and cosmetic benefits for the person afflicted with strabismus.

At Alberta Eye MD, our doctors specialize in eye surgery as an effective strabismus treatment. Surgery for strabismus involves a small incision to the lining of the eye. Our surgeons then detach the eye muscles and reattach them in the proper place. Surgery may be required on one or both eyes and the patient will need to wear glasses after surgery. Additional surgeries may be required until the eyes and the brain can function well together again. Our ophthalmologists will take good care of you, walking you through the process from start to finish. Using the latest medical techniques and technology, Alberta Eye MD is the right choice for your strabismus treatment. 

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